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Rockstar Mom – Celeste

Motherhood Made Simple exists to empower mothers. Our goal is that, no matter what motherhood looks like to you, you find something here that resonates with you, that reaches you when you need a friend, that speaks to you. The Rockstar Mom does not have a set definition. She is a working mom, a stay at home mom, a single mom, a married mom, a crunchy mom, a PTA mom. She is all of us. Being a Rockstar Mom is not a list of things on a checklist. It is giving of ourselves every day to these children of ours. It is hard. It is sometimes lonely. But it is everything. Thanks for taking the time to read this mom’s story.

Rockstar Moms

Rock Star Mom – Celeste

Hi everyone!  It is great to be featured and to be a guest poster on this blog. My name is Celeste and I live in Missouri, owner of the doll boutique Rolling Rock Dolls. I have one child and have been a stay-at-home mom since my daughter was two years old.  I had to quit working because my daughter kept having fever and allergies and the company I was working for was strict with attendance.  I am glad I did!  I didn’t know what life had to offer then, but I think I landed where I am supposed to be.

I sew doll clothes for baby dolls like Baby Alive, Bitty Baby, Cabbage Patch Kids and also for the 18” American Girl dolls.  I am trying to expand the doll clothes I offer as my doll collection is growing.  My business is not something that I planned for.  I wanted to learn how to sew about six years ago so I looked for bargain fabrics at local stores.  Then one day, I thrifted a doll for my daughter and looked into doll clothes online. I was amazed that they were selling and the prices were not cheap either.  I started selling on eBay.  Most of my prices back then were just a dollar per skirt or a simple dress. I kept improving my craft until I was able to make fancy dresses and gowns, still inexpensive, but I can price them a little over $10 each.  A few years later, I opened an eBay store, then an Etsy shop, and now I am also on Amazon Handmade. Someday, I hope to offer more doll furniture and doll accessories.  I have some big plans if only it were that easy.

I like the flexibility of being an entrepreneur.  I can concentrate on sewing while my husband is at work and my daughter is at school.  They are my business partners now.  My daughter loves designing the dresses for dolls and she also helps me with taking pictures.  She may someday take over.  My cousin helps me with ideas and sourcing of materials, and other relatives give me fabric and sewing items for presents.

Time is the hardest part for me because sewing takes time.   Listing and taking pictures can be time intensive too.  I learned some shortcuts along the way.  For other entrepreneurs working and selling from home, they can probably relate to what I am going through, but for me, it is so worth it.

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