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11 Creative Ways to Find Alone Time

11 Creative Ways to Find Alone Time



As a true introvert, I need alone time to recharge my energy reserves. Alone time helps me gain clarity, focus on my goals, let go of my stress, and be more productive overall. When I am unable to find quiet time alone for several days in a row, I will find myself being short with my husband and others close to me. My brain seems foggy and I seem to be doing a lot without accomplishing anything.

Psychology Today says that alone time actually helps you to be more productive and more satisfied in your relationships. So, while it may sometimes feel selfish, I know that giving myself time by myself, even in short increments, is a service to my family. You have to take care of yourself before you are able to care for others. The trick to this is that the time I give myself must be mindful, relaxed, and something I enjoy doing.

11 Creative Ways to Find Alone Time

Here is my list of 11 ways to get some alone time into your day.

  1. Wake up earlier than the kiddos and read a book.

  2. Walk the kids in a stroller and PUT IN HEADPHONES.

  3. Take a long shower.

  4. Cook a meal for your family while they hang out in another room.

  5. Go to the grocery store alone.

  6. Turn on a movie for the kids so that they will stay put in one one room.

  7. Turn off your phone for an hour.

  8. ASK FOR HELP. Enlist your spouse, a family member, or trusted friend to give you a break.

  9. Take out the trash.

  10. Do some gardening while the kids play outdoors.

  11. Clean your house.

Of course the best way to get your alone time is to ask for it. Schedule it with your spouse that you are going to be unavailable for a while. If possible, make this plan ahead of time, just as your would plans with a friend. Don’t ever feel bad asking for what you need. Remember to get creative and stay flexible.

11 Creative Ways to Find Alone Time

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