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15 Small Victories for Moms of Little Ones

“What do you even do all day?”This question makes my blood boil faster than anything. When you are a mama raising little monsters, even the simplest of tasks, i.e. grocery shopping, can seem an intimidatingly large task. There are days when my husband comes home and asks what I did that day. I look around at the mess – toys strewn about, food caked onto the kitchen table, pureed sweet potatoes dried on my top. I list the many things I did that were undone by my son or things that I started and was unable to finish because of my daughter. My to-do list seems more like the mobile above my kids’ crib than a straight line of productivity. It is very easy to start feeling discouraged.

15 Small Victories for Moms of Little Ones

However, now that we are mommies, I think it is vital to our sense of self-worth that we are kind to ourselves. Judge your accomplishments on any given day by a different, more forgiving set of standards. What used to take a day might take a week because you can only work on the task during nap time. What used to take a week might be put off indefinitely because you just do not have the time.

(This post contains affiliate links. That means that if you click on one of the links, and subsequently make a purchase, I receive a small commission)

But, there are some things we can give ourselves a pat on the back for. Things that, to someone who is not raising little humans, may seem inconsequential. But we know they are huge feats. Small victories give us a small sense of pride that may make a huge difference in how we feel about our effectiveness as mothers and wives. So, if today you can say yes to any of these statements, go ahead and puff out your chest. You are doing a fantastic job, Mom!

Read if you need a pick-me-up!

  1. Every member of your family was dressed and out the door on time.

  2. The children in your home ate at least one real meal.

  3. You remembered to change out of your nursing sleep bra and into a real bra before leaving the house.

  4. You also remembered to put on real pants (with a button).

  5. The laundry was washed AND put away in the same day.

  6. At the end of the day, your clothes had no bodily fluids on them.

  7. You showered.

  8. All of your children were bathed.

  9. You were actually able to pull off that whole, “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing.

  10. You ate at least one meal sitting down, with no interruptions.

  11. Your kids slept all night.

  12. You left the house with your crew and remembered all the essential diaper bag items.

  13. You took your crew out in public and made it home with no tantrums.

  14. You took at least 30 minutes to relax today.

  15. You did your best, whatever that is for today, to raise kind and compassionate little people.

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