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10 Simple Acts of Kindness to Unlock a Happier You

As a mostly stay-at-home-mom, there are many days when I feel overextended, to say the least. I feel as if I could not give anything more of myself to anyone. My husband asks for a back rub before bed and I lose it. Doesn’t he know I have been caring for other people all day? My attitude has tendency to get bitter and resentful of a duty that I love more than anything taking care of my family.

Once in a while, I have to check myself. There is always room to do something for someone else. There is always time. Yes, of course, it is VITAL that I get some time for myself. I have to prioritize that or it does not happen.

And doing for others is good. It is healthy. It is how we teach our children to be kind and compassionate people. It is how we center ourselves in a big world of strangers achieve a sense of belonging and peace. I find that sometimes if I am in need of a little centering, it’s because I have become too wrapped up in my own shit. Too focused on me and my problems. The best remedy for that, I think, is to go do something for somebody. Selflessly, without expecting anything.


Here are ten acts of kindness to lift the spirits of others and yourself –


  1. Send a kind note, letter, or text message to a friend you don’t speak to often.
  2. Compliment a coworker on how they add value to your workplace.
  3. Assist an elderly person in loading groceries into their vehicle at the grocery store.
  4. Make your spouse and/or kids breakfast or coffee before they wake up.
  5. Share a batch of cookies with a neighbor.
  6. Visit your parents or in-laws (bring the kids) and offer to help with a chore or project.
  7. Offer to babysit for a mom friend so they can have a few hours of peace and quiet (or whatever they want!)
  8. If you are crafty, make something for the purpose of giving it away (to a shelter, to a friend, anyone!)
  9. Surprise someone with coffee.
  10. Help you neighbor out with their yard work. Depending on the season, mow their grass, rake their leaves, or shovel their drive way.

10 Ways to Be Kinder Today



Go forth and do good!

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